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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 14:27

£39 Billion To The EU or 97,500 Extra Cops For 10 Years?

As Theresa May and MPs vote for her deal that will send £39 Billion to the EU. Perhaps it is worth noting that that figure would fund 97,500 Police Officers - each year for 10 years.

With Police numbers at worryingly low levels, and EU Politicians, Civil servants at worryingly high levels, it must now be time for those in power to explain why they think this is a good idea.

We have been extraordinarily generous and responsible with our calculations. By costing in things like Police cars, uniforms and all that good stuff we have shown that this model is sustainable, well thought out and not meant to be headline grabbing.

That is why it is time to tell the EU that it is they who have had their last chance and it's time for us to walk away.

Do we need the EU right now, or 97,500 extra Police Officers?


£40,000 ( £32,500 average payroll cost - FOI via Nottingham Police + £7,500 Misc costs, car, uniform etc)
= 975,000 officers

975,000 officers / 10 years = 97,500 each year for 10 years.


  • Comment Link Teddy Teddy

    If the EU start to send commissioners round to my house to investigate my car being stolen, then maybe we should fund them. In hindsight though, much more sensible to have an extra couple of cops.

  • Comment Link Anon Anon

    Looks like they can whip out troops when they need to protect themselves though. When members of the public come under attack from yobs, they aren't bothered. When they come under attack, they need protection from troops.

    I've never been so ashamed of law and order in this country.

    What little money we have is being wasted on crazy projects whilst people are being killed in our streets. Theresa May should be ashamed of herself. A total disaster from the day she entered politics.

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