Sunday, 26 June 2016 17:36

Smart Ways to Discover Free Days Out

Going out can be really expensive, in case you hadn’t noticed. If you’re on a budget or just trying to cut back a bit, you could end up wondering whether going out is on the cards at all.

However, there are ways to go out for free – or at least to enjoy a cut-price excursion. We’ve put together some ideas and suggestions that should help you find options and opportunities in your own corner of the UK.

Walking and hiking

It’s always good to get out in the fresh air, and providing you have a sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots at hand, you can put them on and head out to local parks, forests and trails. You might be surprised how many walking paths and routes there are to explore. Even if you live in a city or town, there will always be large parks and other green spaces nearby that offer the chance for a free day or half-day out exploring.

Free museums

Not all museums charge for entry. Check your local area to find a list of museums nearby and see which ones are free to enter. Check opening times as well, as they’re not all open on a daily basis.

Explore a nearby town, city or village

There are lots of places that have other free attractions you may not be able to find out about online – unless you know what you’re looking for. If you have a destination within easy reach, you can head there and do some window shopping or maybe just look out for free entry to some attractions.

Go on a cycle ride

Own a bike? Get pedalling and see where you go. You can cover more ground on a bike than you can on foot, and that might put you within easy reach of a free destination to go and see.

Look for free entry to castles and other historic places

Not all castles and other classic monuments charge entry fees. Find out which historic places are in your immediate area and check charges and opening times before you visit.

A nice day for a picnic

If it’s nice, there’s nothing better than having a picnic. Head to your nearest park or other nearby beauty spot and take a picnic with you. You don’t have to spend much on it – use the ingredients and food you have indoors and perhaps bake one or two things specially to take with you. This provides a great opportunity to have some fresh air and fun if you have kids.

Stay in your own garden and camp!

A bit of a cheat to end on here, but kids can be hard to entertain on a budget. If you have a tent, pitch it in the back garden on a nice day and camp out for the night with them. It’s free, it’s character-building and most of all it’s great fun for adults as well as kids.

What will you find locally that offers the chance for a nice free day out?