Monday, 28 September 2015 14:45

Victim 1

Dear sir/madam

l R****** ***** applied for a loan of 600 pounds from following this i got a phone call from a man calling him self terry jones and he said if i wanted to go ahead with the loan he needed £60 pounds.and said is an assurance to get the loan.and told me to go to a paypoint and get a a voucher then give him  the pin numbers to him over my phone ok and he said also after that i man would call at my door with the loan ok but nothing happened there next he phoned me again but this time he wanted £50 pounds this time and said this and i do the same thing again at paypoint which i did.and again he asked for a further £50 pounds and the way again at paypoint.he said this was the last payment now and s solicitor will call at my door with 600 pounds cash ok but guess what nothing happened here i phoned him and said wheres this loan of mind and this he said first mistake i made was going to paypoint with the money.and then he said the second mistake i was l didnt go to western union and send the money to this person noman farid. there and l phoned him and he said this i have to go western union and pay another £125 pounds which i didnt and i told him am going to the police and so i did and its in the fraud peoples hands now ok

This terry jones he give me his address as this below ok

Terry jones

31 dashwood avenue

High wycome



Sorry i dont know the postcode

Now these is the voucher pin numbers i give him ok

First one was for £60 but this had to be split in one voucher for £50 ok so the pin number for that is this 0891 0831 9506 **** ok

And a £10 voucher pin number is this 0400 0364 2176 **** ok

Now the next £50 pounds voucher pin is this 0672 4653 1572 1197 ok and the last £50 voucher pin is this 0223 3576 9178 0090 ok and all these pin numbers went to his phone which his phone number is this 01444390925 ok

And i havnt got my loan of £600 pounds.which i applied for ok am sick as a parrot over this.  oh i forget he said a solicitor would call with me and give me and me the loan in cash but this didnt happen either ok